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H.I.U Growth Conditioner uses our patented Trichogen complex of herbal extracts scientifically tested to help hair grow like it should. This is our best-selling hair growth conditioner specifically formulated for African American and course or dense hair types.

Advanced formula with Trichogen, Panthenol, Emu Oil and Lustreplex that will give you an unstoppable barrier to moisture loss, weakness, and loss of shine and flexibility. This proprietary formula adds superior strength, brilliant shine, and stimulates faster growing hair - making it excellent for all hair types - natural, relaxed, permed, straightened and color-treated.

  • Promotes faster hair growth + stimulates scalp micro-circulation
  • Conditions with deep moisture and hydration for flexibility, body, fullness, and humidity resistance
  • Reduces flaking, excessive dryness, and dry hair and scalp
  • Reduces breaking, snapping and tearing
  • Biotin-enhanced for added strength and thickness
  • Gentle on scalp and hair - Paraben-Free, Sulfate-Free

Panthenol, Jojoba Oil and Emu Oil penetrate deep into the follicle shaft and scalp to soothe and heal dryness while topically infusing moisture with cleaning action that removes dirt, oil and clears clogged pores. ProFolla Silk Growth Conditioner works amazingly for both men and women. Your hair grows as it should. One of our best-selling black hair growth products that conditions and moisturizes.

We are certain that this is best conditioner available for getting your hair its healthiest especially for those that are thinning. Formulated with natural Lustreplex for ethnic hair types and hair styles for sheen, shine, moisture and body!


Lustreplex™ is designed to help create lustrous, healthy-looking hair when delivered from a shampoo system. It increases the “Hair Humidity Resistance Factor” (H2RF) to reduce the effect of humidity and provides manageability and control over frizz. Evaluations conducted on the shine index confirm that the incorporation of Lustreplex® will maintain the shine normally lost by the hair during shampooing.

It is also proven to condition and detangle both virgin and bleached hair. All of these benefits are further complemented by its ability to resist build-up, allowing the consumer to remain faithful to one brand without the need for stripping or anti-residue shampoos.

Growth Conditioner

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