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Follicle Stimulator blocks the enzyme that must be present for DHT to form. This enzyme is called 5 alpha reductase. Hence the name Enzy-Block since it blocks this enzyme. It is important to note that blocking the enzyme is important but equally important is adding extreme amounts of vitamins and aminos to your diet. This is because the hair has been malnourished and must be jump started. This is why using a hair growth spray and scalp stimulation is also important to re-establish blood supply. Until this blood supply is again established the hair must be topically fed and orally fed. This means Vitamin Shampoo and extreme proteins in Protein Conditioner.

This Spray blocks hormones that cause hair thinning, increase circulation and nutrition directly to the hair follicle! Tested on women and men with over 93% resulting in hair fall stopping and increased hair growth as well as increase in hair thickness.


Our Follicle Stimulator now carries TRICHOGEN for both men and women that want a natural solution to help with growing hair as well as preventing fall out!

Follicle Stimulator Spray

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